Take a moment to ask yourself...
“Where would I be today if it weren’t for TLABC?”


How long have you been a member of TLABC? Do you feel that the Trial Lawyers Association of BC has contributed to your legal education, the growth of your practice, and your professional network? If so, then please consider becoming a Sustaining Member or a Benefactor.
When you elevate your membership status to Benefactor or Sustaining level, we recognize your extraordinary contribution through prominent signage at all TLABC events – including every single seminar we produce – and publication in every issue of the Verdict. We proudly display our slate of Benefactors and Sustaining Members in the main reception area of TLABC headquarters every day. We also try to show our appreciation to these distinguished members through various complimentary or discounted benefits and services.
Sustaining Membership
Sustaining Members go the extra mile for TLABC, voluntarily offering their enhanced financial support to ensure that we are able to maintain the standard of excellence in legal education and professional resources for which we are known throughout the legal community. A list of TLABC's stalwart Sustaining Members can be found below. Sustaining Membership dues are $1000 a year, plus GST.
We show our appreciation to our Sustaining Members by offering:
  • Half–price on all written materials from TLABC seminars* → regular retail up to $175 each!
  • Discounts on registration fees at all TLABC seminars* → worth an extra $50 each!
  • 2 Free subscriptions to TLABC Litigation Groups of your choice* → worth $50 - $75 each!
  • Discounts on other TLABC events and merchandise.
    *assuming eligibility
Benefactor Membership
Benefactor Members rise above and beyond the call of duty in their support for the Association. Benefactors appreciate that TLABC has been instrumental to their success, and demonstrate their commitment to our goals by contributing at the highest membership level. See below for the current slate of TLABC's dedicated Benefactor Members. Benefactor Membership dues are $2000 a year, plus GST. 
We show our appreciation to our Benefactor Members by offering:
  • Complimentary written materials from every TLABC seminar* → retailing up to $175 each!
  • Half price attendance at all TLABC seminars* → you save up to $300 each!
  • Unlimited free subscriptions to all TLABC Litigation Groups* → worth $50 - $75 per group!
  • Deep discounts on other TLABC events
    *assuming eligibility
Reaffirm your commitment to TLABC and help us continue to provide the quality education and top-notch services that you’ve come to expect.

Benefactor Members

Shelly Avram
Giuseppe Battista QC
Jacqueline Cane
Todd Cherniak
Stanley Cope
Christopher Dyson
D. Glenn Einfeld
John Green
Thomas Harding
Paul Hergott 
Azool Jaffer-Jeraj 

John Kennedy
David Klein
Andreas Erich Kuntze
Valmon LeBlanc
Douglas Lester QC
Jeffrey Logan
Conrad Margolis
Paul McMurray
Joseph E. Murphy QC
David Osborne 
Kerri Priddle


Joseph M. Prodor 
Michael Slater QC
David Sliman
Jennifer Tater
Jeffrey Thomas
Peter Unruh
Anthony Vecchio QC
James Vilvang QC
Barbara Webster-Evans
Michael Yawney QC
Patrick Yearwood



Sustaining Member

Renee Aldana 
Marsha Bishop
David Brooks 
Daryl Brown 
James Buckley
Peter Buxton QC
Dick Byl 
Robert Cameron
Devon Carbol
Morgyn Chandler
Richard Chang
Douglas Chiu
Matthew Cleary
Daniel Corrin
Lawrence Coulter
L.A. (Lee) Cowley
Adam de Turberville 
Rajwant K. Dewar
Thomas Dinsley 
Ian Donaldson QC
Aseem Dosanjh 
Diane Drummond
Megan Ellis QC
H. Del Feller
Kevin A. Filkow


Bart Findlay
Stephen Frame
Robert D. Gibbens QC
Edward P. Good
Lawrence Goulet
David Grunder
Brent Hambrook
John Hemmerling
Michael Hoogbruin 
Agnes Huang
Vahan Ishkanian 
Gary Jackson
Joseph P. Jacoe
Jaimie Kidston
Krishan Klear
Irina Kordic
W. Rory Lambert
Georgialee Lang
William MacLeod
Duncan Magnus
Barri Marlatt
Marlisa Martin
Daniel McDonagh
Robin McFee QC
A.W. McGarvey


Dale McGregor
Richard McMullan
Joseph McStravick
Edward Montague
J. Craig Moulton  
Ronald Nairne
Sonny Parhar
Dan Parlow
A.C. Richard Parsons
Angela Price-Stephens
Bableen Rana
James Richards
John Munro Richter
Anne Sheane
Krista Simon
Christopher Smith
Michael J. Steven
Jeremy Thom
E. Anthony Thomas
Garry K. Thomas
R. Trevor Todd
Perminder Tung
Meghan Wallace
Morris Warren
Jeffrey Witten