TLABC is dedicated to enhancing the justice system in BC

TLABC members are dedicated to their clients. As a collective, the association is dedicated to serving the public interest, enhancing access to justice and preserving the jury system.  

Members of TLABC represent individuals rather than corporations, governments or other large entities. Our voluntary membership base is nearly 1500 strong, with legal professionals practicing throughout the province in a variety of areas. TLABC was founded in 1980, and has operated as a registered not-for-profit society since then. As our mission statement attests, TLABC members are united with the goals of protecting the rights of individuals, ensuring access to the courts, preserving the jury system and maintaining the highest standards in legal education for the profession. 

TLABC does not get directly involved in individual lawsuits, but the association will, where appropriate, apply to intervene – or assist on certain cases and appeals – if the case is of significant public interest and has the support of our members.  

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Phone: 604-682-5343 or 1-888-558-5222 (toll-free)