Materials for the Essential Soft Tissue Conference
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Clements v. Clements: The Supreme Court of Canada is set to clarify causation
Dick Byl, Dick Byl Law Corporation, Prince George BC

How to Write a Good Medical Report: What to Include and What to Leave Out
Including five examples to take home

Manjot S. Hallen, Klein Lyons, Vancouver BC
Comorbidities  and Time Lines – What to watch for when your injured patient or client isn’t getting better
Dr. Daniel Gouws MD, Occupational Health Physician, Ultima Health Assessments Corp.,Vancouver BC
Soft Tissue Injury of the Brachial Plexus
Dr. Anthony J. Salvian, BSc MD FACS, Vancouver BC

Medically Mediating the Disputed Thoracic Outlet Syndrome 
Dr. Duncan M. Laidlow MD. FRCP© Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Medical Director, IH Tertiary Rehabilitation Medicine, Kelowna BC
Myofascial Pain: The Relationship Between Pain, Impairment and Function
Dr. Mark K. Frobb, MD CCFP CAFCI, Vancouver BC

Physical Therapy Treatments for TMD: Giving hope to your patients and clients
Angelica Reeve, 19th Street Physiotherapy, North Vancouver BC

Get suds from your SOAP: Take Charting to a New Level
Jill Renowitzky, PT Health, Burnaby BC

The Use of Clinical Records at Trial
Toni Rempel &  Gillian M. Dougans, Pihl Law Corporation, Kelowna BC

Facet Rhizotomy: Options for Treatment of Injury to the Facet Joints
Dr. Richard Brownlee, F.R.C.S. (c) Kamploops BC

Loss of Housekeeping Capacity
Kara Naish, Webster & Associates, Richmond BC

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