Trial Strategy Seminar Materials
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Bullet Proof Strategies for Proving Future Loss of Income
John A. McLeish, McLeish Orlando LLP, Toronto ON

Understanding and Relating to Jurors’ Preconceptions
Roger G. Oatley, Oatley Vigmond, Barrie ON

Future Cost of Care Awards in Canada: “Justice Requires Something Better”
Michael J. Slater QC, Slater Vecchio LLP, Vancouver BC

Cross Examination Techniques You Must Know
John A. McLeish

Employing Trial Strategy Techniques in Cases of Any Size or Type
Winning Rule 66 Trials (paper from June 2006)

John M. Cameron. John M. Cameron Law Corporation, Vancouver BC

Effective Opening Statements to Juries
Roger G. Oatley

Presenting the Plaintiff’s Expert Evidence at Trial
Rosemarie Keith, Law Office of Rose Keith, Vancouver BC

Overview and Nuts and Bolts Tips
A.C. Richard Parsons and John M. Rice

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