Materials for Throwing Dirt Around: Current Directions in Real Property Litigation

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Strata Owners Rights and Responsibilities: 
Remedies from fines to injunctions, and orders requiring owners to sell their units 

Paul G. Mendes, Lesperance Mendes, Vancouver BC

Certificates of Pending Litigation and Other Ways of Preserving Property in Real Estate Litigation
Daniel S. Parlow, Kornfeld Mackoff Silber LLP, Vancouver BC

Civil Forfeiture: An introduction for property litigators
J. Gareth Morley, Barrister & Solicitor,  Legal Services Branch, Ministry of Attorney General, Victoria BC

What’s New in Builder’s Liens
Karen Martin, Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP, Vancouver, BC

Real Estate Development Marketing Act (REDMA):
Disclosure obligations, actions for rescission and damages

Shane D. Coblin, Kornfeld Mackoff Silber LLP , Vancouver BC

Expropriation:  Do they have to pay and how much?
Robert D. Holmes, Q.C., Holmes & King, Vancouver BC

Contaminated Soils Litigation:
Actions in tort and `Cost Recovery Actions’ under the Environmental Management Act 

Robert J. Lesperance, Lesperance Mendes, Vancouver BC

Negligence in Construction: 
Developers, builders and design professionals

Leslie J. Muir, Holmes & King, Vancouver BC

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