Public Affairs Committee (PAC)

What is PAC?

The Public Affairs Committee – or PAC, is TLABC’s fundraising arm charged specifically to support the public affairs and advocacy work undertaken by the organization.  It is what allows lawyers to have a collective voice in the justice community on the issues that affect everyone and is funded 100% through voluntary contributions by members.

PAC funds are raised specifically for non-operational expenses (that it, they are not used to cover staff salaries or day-to-day office needs) and ensure that TLABC can follow through on its mission to support and promote the rights of individuals in British Columbia.

The 5 Primary Functions of PAC

  • Fundraising to support TLABC’s non-operational initiatives
  • Promoting and preserving the positive aspects of the judicial system
  • Opposing restrictive legislation
  • Gathering and sharing information
  • Maintaining an emergency reserve fund to equip TLABC with the ability to deal with major crises as they develop.

The range and scope of work is driven by the needs of our members, with recent projects including advocating for a unified family court and jury fees, continuing to push for greater funding for legal aid, launching the constitutional challenge against the new minor injury caps regime and pursuing wrongful death legislation. The current issue of the Policy Brief provides greater insight into TLABC's position on these issues.

Why You Should Help

In addition to being part of a distinguished group of people and firms who are committed to justice in BC, a PAC contribution entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Acknowledgment on PAC signage at all TLABC seminars and events
  • Discounts to TLABC seminar registrations
  • Frequent acknowledgement through signage and posts in the Verdict magazine, online and via other social media platforms
  • Nametag designation at TLABC seminars and on your TLABC listservs.
  • Regular updates with first-glimpse looks at TLABC’s issues and campaigns funded by PAC
  • Insider access to information about campaigns through exclusive updates from the PAC Chair throughout the year

Members can choose to contribute to the fund either monthly or annually – or both! TLABC accepts major credit cards, cheques made payable to TLABC PAC Fund or direct debit. Contributions can be made online, in person or over the phone.

Levels of Contribution

TLABC members are encouraged to show support at whatever level is financially comfortable, either by firm or as an individual. Levels are used to acknowledge and thank our loyal contributors and are listed in order of highest value:

  • Champion of Justice
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze