Medical Legal Hurdles from Rehab to Trial
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Identifying the Personality Disorder Client/Patient
Dr. Shabehram Lohrasbe, MBBS FRCPC, Victoria BC

Working with Your Expert: Strategies
Linda A. Wong, Pacific Medical Law, Vancouver BC

Recent Developments on QEEG Admissibility & the Role of Neuropsychology Opinion:  Where Do We Go From Here?
Natalie Foley, Acheson Whitley Sweeney Foley, Victoria BC

Assessing Future Care Recommendations: The Role of the Physiatrist in Determining Medical Reasonableness and Necessity/Opining on the Functional Implications of Injury
Dr. James Filbey MD FRCPC, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Electrodiagnostic Medicine, Victoria BC

Fibromyalgia Syndrome – A Medical Update
Dr. Rhonda Shuckett, MD FRCPC (Rheumatologist), Vancouver BC        

Restrictions on Defence Medicals: What are the Limits? A Legal Update         
Mitchell Selly, Acheson Whitley Sweeney Foley, Victoria BC                                               

Understanding the Role of Sexual and Physical Abuse in Your Client/Patient’s Case
Dr. Shabehram Lohrasbe

Management of Chronic Pain: What Resources Are Available (Pain Clinics)? What Do We Need to Strive Toward?        
Dr. Brenda Wy Lau,  MD FRCPC FFPMANZCA MM (Pain Mgmt), Clinical Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine; Interventional Pain Specialist, St. Paul’s Hospital Pain Centre; Surrey Memorial Hospital Pain Management Clinic Regional Chair; Fraser Health Authority Pain Services Division, Vancouver BC

Grappling with Pre-Accident Conditions and Injury: Pre-Morbid Alcoholic and Substance Use/Open WBC Claims
Gordon Kehler, MacKenzie Fujisawa LLP, Vancouver BC

Presenting Complex Litigation at Trial: Concussion, Pain, Psychological injury – A Case Study
Deborah A. Acheson QC, Acheson Whitley Sweeney Foley, Victoria BC

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