Wheels, Wings, Water and More: Non-automobile Injury Claims

March 25, 2011

Seminar Materials

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Lakes, Propellers, and Injury Claims

William T. Morley QC, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP, Vancouver BC

Up In the Air: Flying the Not So Friendly Skies (No paper)

Michael Dery, Alexander Holburn Beaudin & Lang LLP, Vancouver BC

Civil Claims for Sexual Assault and Abuse

Megan R. Ellis QC, Megan Ellis & Company, Vancouver BC

Municipal Claims

Brent D. Jordan, City of Vancouver Law Department, Vancouver BC

Slippery Situation on a Slippery Surface

Amrit S. Toor, Ph.D., P.Eng., Intech Engineering Ltd., Surrey BC
Michael Araszewski, P. Eng., Intech Engineering Ltd., Surrey BC

(In)effectiveness of Infant’s Waivers: Expanding Tortious Liability

Dale M. McGregor, Hammerberg Altman Beaton & Maglio LLP, Vancouver BC

Claims Against Police

A. Cameron Ward, Trial Lawyer, Vancouver BC

Cyclists and the Law: A View from the Handlebars

James D. Vilvang QC, Richards Buell Sutton LLP, Vancouver BC
David W. Hay, Richards Buell Sutton LLP, Vancouver BC

Motorcycle Accidents: Good, Bad or Always Ugly?

Daryl J. Brown, MacQuarrie Hunter LLP, Surrey BC

Medical Malpractice Claims - Tips, Trips and Sage Advice


Cases: Please do not print. There are 265 pages.

Paul T. McGivern, Pacific Medical Law Corporation, Vancouver BC
Michael G. Thomas, Harper Grey LLP, Vancouver BC
The Hon. Madam Justice Heather J. Holmes, British Columbia Supreme Court, Vancouver BC