Practical Challenges in Criminal Law Papers
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Conflict of Interest and The New BC Code: An Old Danger Becomes More Real
DAVID M. LAYTON, Ritchie Sandford, Vancouver BC

New Drinking and Driving Regime
JEREMY CARR, Carr Buchan & Company, Victoria BC

Legal Aid Funding and Crisis
BIRGIT EDER, Warren & Eder, Burnaby BC

The Cloud of Bad Character Evidence – Finding the Silver Lining
PAUL BURSTEIN, Burstein Bryant Barristers, Toronto ON

iSearch – There’s an APP for That: Searches of Cell Phone, Black Berry and Other Electronic Devices
JOSEPH DI LUCA, Di Luca Copeland LLP, Toronto ON

Recent Developments Regarding the Role of the Amicus in Criminal Proceedings
E. DAVID CROSSIN QC, Sugden McFee & Roos LLP, Vancouver BC

Challenging the Crown’s Claim of Informer Privilege: Procedural Issues

Remedies for Unintended Consequences both Pre- and Post-Conviction and Sentence
JOHN W. CONROY QC, Conroy & Company, Abbotsford BC

Shooting First is Fine for the Police – But What About the Rest of Us?
IAN DONALDSON QC, Donaldson’s, Vancouver BC

Preliminary Inquiries
KASANDRA B. CRONIN, La Liberté Cronin & Company, Vancouver BC

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