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The Goudge Inquiry: What Trial Lawyers Can Take From The Goudge Inquiry and Utilizing the Lessons Learned
THE HON. MR. JUSTICE STEPHEN GOUDGE, Ontario Court of Appeal, Toronto ON
Paper Provided: Excerpt from the Goudge Report:

Volume 3, Chapter 18: The Role of the Court

Miscarriages of Justice and Forensic Pathology
DR. MICHAEL POLLANEN MD PhD FRCPath DMJ (Path) FRCPC, Chief Forensic Pathologist, Ontario Forensic Pathology Service Director, Forensic Pathology Residency Program and Centre for Forensic Science and Medicine, University of Toronto, Toronto ON
Paper Provided: Excerpts from the Goudge Report:
Volume 3, Chapter 16: Effective Communication with the Criminal Justice System
Volume 3, Chapter 17: The Roles of Coroners, Police, Crown and Defence

Volume 3, Chapter 19: Pediatric Forensic Pathology and Potential Wrongful Convictions

Understanding the Expert & Science
KENT ROACH, Professor, University of Toronto Law, Toronto ON

Independence, Reliability and Expert Testimony in Criminal Trials (link to paper provided only)
EMMA CUNLIFFE, UBC Faculty of Law, Vancouver BC

The NAS Report and Cross-Examination of Experts
MARILYN E. SANDFORD, Ritchie Sandford, Vancouver BC

Understanding DNA Testing and the Interpretation of Results
DR. AMARJIT CHAHAL, Orchid ProDNA, Thunder Bay ON

Holmes Was Wrong - The Life of the Law IS Logic: Avoiding Fallacious Reasoning in Expert Evidence
ALAN D. GOLD, Alan D. Gold Professional Corporation, Toronto ON

Fingerprint Evidence in Transition
SIMON A. COLE, Associate Professor of Criminology, Law & Society, University of California, Irvine CA

How to Remedy a Wrongful Conviction in Canadian Law
M. BERNARD GRENIER, Ad. E., Retired Judge of the Court of Québec and Special Advisor to the Minister of Justice on Wrongful Convictions, Montreal QC


Wrongful Convictions: Determining Culpability When the Sand Keeps Shifting
BRUCE MACFARLANE QC, University of Manitoba, Faculty of Law, Winnipeg, MB