Civil Trial Toolkit Materials
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RAJWANT K.  DEWAR, Giusti Nairne, Vancouver
CHARLOTTE A. SALOMON, McConnan Bion O'Connor Peterson, Victoria
DAVID OSBORNE, Osborne Cane Trial Lawyers, Vancouver 
STEPHEN MCPHEE QC, Ramsay Lampman Rhodes, Nanaimo
Controlling the Direct: Special Considerations for Lay Witnesses, Interpreters and Experts– PAPER NOT YET AVAILABLE
MANDEEP S. RANDHAWA, Hammerberg Lawyers LLP, Vancouver 
JAKE POKORNY, Visido Imaging Inc., Vancouver
DONALD J. REMPEL, Rempel Engineering Services Ltd., Vancouver
DENNIS C. QUINLAN, Quinlan Abrioux, Vancouver
WM. RORY LAMBERT, Dinning Hunter Lambert Jackson, Victoria
MARLISA MARTIN, Dinning Hunter Lambert Jackson, Victoria
FAROUK JIWA, Jiwa Law Corporation, Vancouver