The Art of Criminal Law 2013 Seminar Materials
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Rodney G. Garson, Crown Counsel, Victoria BC
Elizabeth Lewis, Cobb St. Pierre Lewis, North Vancouver BC
Michelle Booker, Crown Counsel, Vancouver BC
Kimberly M. Eldred, Drolet Eldred Barristers, Vancouver BC
 John W. Conroy QC, Conroy & Company Law Corporation, Abbotsford BC
Paul C. Doroshenko, Acumen Law Corporation, Vancouver BC
Henry J. R. Reiner QC, Crown Counsel, Vancouver BC
Brock A. Martland, Martland & Saulnier, Vancouver BC
Ryan Purita, Sherlock Forensics, Burnaby BC
David Layton, David M. Layton, Vancouver BC
Robert A. Mulligan QC, Mulligan Tam Pearson Law Corporation, Victoria BC
Suhail Akhtar, Scarborough Crown Attorney’s Office (Scarborough)
Peter Edelmann, Edelmann & Co. Law Offices, Vancouver BC
J. Brian Jackson QC, J. Brian Jackson QC Law Corporation, Vancouver BC
Michael Tammen, Michael Tammen  Law Corporation, Vancouver BC