The Personal Injury Update seminar materials
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The Anatomy of an UMP Claim: Out of Jurisdiction Accidents
Donald W.  Yule QC, Guild Yule LLP, Vancouver BC

Perks and Pitfalls in Marine Injury Claims
Darren G Williams, Merchant Law Group, Victoria BC

Maximizing Economic Damages for Seasonal Workers
Kerri D. Priddle, Chahal Priddle LLP, Kamloops BC

Examinations For Discovery: Tips and Trivia.
Douglas R. Lester, Robertson Downe & Mullally, Abbotsford BC

Is That A Fly in My Soup?   Claims for Psychological Injury in the Post Mustapha Era
Keri T. Grenier, Pushor Mitchell LLP, Kelowna BC

You Let WHO Borrow My Car? The Vicarious Liability of Motor Vehicle Owner’s In British Columbia
Bill Dick, Nixon Wenger LLP, Vernon BC

The Pros and Cons of Structured Settlements
Robert Carson, Associated Economic Consultants,Vancouver BC

Claims Against Municipalities:  Avoiding Limitation Problems.
James Cotter, Nixon Wenger LLP, Vernon BC

Waiving Your Rights Good Bye: Liability Waivers for Recreational Events
J. Scott Stanley , Murphy Battista,Vancouver BC
Kevin Gourlay, Murphy Battista,Vancouver BC

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