Materials for Persuasion and the Complex Case
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Sexual and Fertility Consequences of Traumatic Neurological Injury
DR. STACY ELLIOTT MD, Sexual Medicine Physician, VGH and GF Strong Rehab Centre Clinical Professor, Depts. Of
Psychiatry and Urologic Sciences UBC, Vancouver BC

Medico-Legal Issues for Patients with Dual Diagnosis: Spinal Cord Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury 
DR. ANDREI KRASSIOUKOV MD, PhD FRCPC, Professor, Dep. Of Medicine (Div. Phys. Med. & Rehab) UBC,
Vancouver BC

Bowel/Bladder Management  After Neurological Injury
MAUREEN MCGRATH RN NCA, Nurse Continence Advisor, Uromed Continence and Sexual Health,Host CKNW Sunday Night Sex Show, Vancouver BC

The Foundations of Expert Reports: Writing and Admissibility 
SUSANNE K. RAAB, Pacific Medical Law, Vancouver BC

View From the Bench: How Medical Experts Can Improve Their Credibility in the Eyes of the Court and Hot Tubbing With Your Experts
THE HONOURABLE JUDGE HEATHER A. LAMOUREUX, Provincial Court of Alberta, Calgary AB

Traumatic Brain Injuries & Vestibular Dysfunctions  - This paper is not yet available to download
DR. RAJIV N. REEBYE MD FRCPC, Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation NMS (Neuromuscular Skeletal) and ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) Programs G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre, Vancouver BC
DR NICOLE ACERRA, PhD BScP.T., Physiotherapist, Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver BC

Panel - The Complex Psychiatric Case: Panel Discussion With Case Presentations  
DANIEL CORRIN (moderator)
DR. SHAOHUA LU, Addiction and Consult Psychiatrist, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry UBC, Vancouver BC
DR. DERRYCK SMITH, Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, UBC, Vancouver BC
JOHN RUSSELL MD FRCP(C), Director of Psychiatry WorkSafeBC, North Vancouver BC

Communicating Complex Medical Issues: A Visual Approach 
STEPHEN MADER, Artery Studios Inc, Toronto ON

Strategies and Considerations When Presenting A Pre-Existing Injury Case
ANTHONY A. VECCHIO,  Slater Vecchio LLP, Vancouver BC

Effective Cross-Examination of the Medical Expert: What Works and What Doesn’t
THE HONOURABLE MR JUSTICE CHRISTOPHER E. HINKSON, Court of Appeal of British Columbia, Vancouver BC

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