Listservers and Practice Groups

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TLABC Trial Practice Listserver
The Trial Practice Listserver is a TLABC Membership Benefit, so eligible members only, please. Download the  Listserver Agreement and fax it with your signature to 604 682-0373. Once your TLABC membership has been verified and the signed agreement received, you will be added to the listserver. There is no charge to you for this subscription. 

TLABC Paralegal & Legal Assistants Network
The PLAN allows paralegals and legal assistants to exchange ideas, templates, tips and materials with their peers all over the province. To join PLAN, you  must be a member of TLABC. Click here to access the PLAN Agreement form.

TLABC Practice Group Listservers
Each practice group has its own annual subscription fee, and eligibility rules differ -- please see the agreement(s) for the individual group(s) that interest you.

Problems with your Listservers?
For assistance, please call TrialSmith at 800-443-1757 or e-mail