Current Issues & Campaigns

Since the time TLABC was founded, our membership has worked to protect the rights of individuals and enhance the practice of law in British Columbia. Hand in hand with those goals is the pursuit of positive changes in legislation and the rules of court proceedings. In addition to participating and assisting the courts in public-interest cases and appeals, TLABC devotes time and other resources to important public-minded campaigns.


Here are three current examples: 

Battling for Legal Aid - TLABC is engaged in a province-wide effort that seeks significant increases in government funding of legal aid. This is due to a chronic and longtime lack of funding. Many citizens are unable to obtain help because of the service restrictions plaguing legal aid. Family law, criminal cases and immigration matters continue to be adversely impacted. The only thing growing is the number of self-represented citizens, left to fend for themselves despite very difficult circumstances.

Calling for a Wrongful Death Act - TLABC and family members of wrongful-death victims continue to work together for new legislation. In BC - as it stands - children, seniors and people with disabilities (i.e. non-income earners, in general) are worthless in the eyes of the law! The goal is to have a modern piece of legislation enacted, to replace the archaic Family Compensation Act. TLABC and the Wrongful Death Law Reform Group (family representatives) created a model for new legislation, the Wrongful Death Accountability Act. It is being promoted in various political and community circles.

Monitoring the Condition of Auto Insurance - TLABC continues to monitor ICBC’s activities as the insurance corporation moves toward implementing the plans associated with its Transformation 2014 process. Various alterations to ICBC’s business practices are expected. 


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