ISSUE 156 - Spring 2018 - Money Matters


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Kenneth Price

How Can a Law Firm Ensure the Security of its Data? 10 Security Measures Your Law Firm Should Consider
Brian Mauch

CEO Corner
Shawn Mitchell, MPA, C.Dir.

Private Practice & The Role of a Professional Website
Sean Dillman

President's Welcome Message
Sonny Parhar

Asked & Answered with David J. Bilinsky

Membership News
Karen St. Aubin

18 Tips for Success at Mediation
David P. Stark

Education Update
Erin Monahan


Backing the PAC, A TLABC Tradition
Megan Ejack


Case Notes
Edward P. Good



Family Law
Magal Huberman





Medical Malpractice

Brenda Osmond &
Bob Kucheran

Criminal Law
Jeremy Bally
Employment Update
Rose Keith
Wills & Estates
R. Trevor Todd