ISSUE 155 - Winter 2018 - Money Matters


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Kenneth Price

Cross vs Sole Dependency in Fatal Accident Actions
Christopher J. Bruce PhD, Economica Ltd

CEO Corner
Shawn Mitchell, MPA, C.Dir.

Social Engineering Fraud: Help Us Rob You
Thomas P. Harding,
Trial Lawyers Advocacy Group

President's Farewell Message
Keri Grenier

How to Compare a Structured Settlement to other Investment Options
Robert Nigol, BA, MA, Vuk Vujovic, B.Math &
Mark VanDooren, EPS Settlements Group of Canada

President's Welcome Message
Sonny Parhar

Contingencies: Positive & Negative
Applications to Annual Income or Dependency Losses

Cara L. Brown, MA,
Brown Economic Consulting Inc

Membership News
Karen St. Aubin

Asked & Answered With...
TLABC Member & the Verdict Columnist
R. Trevor Todd

Education Update
Erin Monahan
Backing the PAC, A TLABC Tradition
Megan Ejack


Case Notes
Edward P. Good



Family Law
Magal Huberman





Medical Malpractice

Lindsay McGivern &
Paul McGivern

Restoring the Art of Advocacy
Edward G. Wong
Criminal Law
Jeremy Bally
Employment Update
Rose Keith
Wills & Estates
R. Trevor Todd
Legislative Watch
Ian Aikenhead