ISSUE 152 - Spring 2017 - Injury  



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Acting CEO Report
June Gambrel
  The Landscape of Distracted Driving

Joel D. Feldman

President's Welcome Message
Keri Grenier
  The Road Back to Driving: Functional Driving Evaluation

Sue Reil, Community Therapists

Kenneth A. Price

From Plaintiff to Personal Injury Lawyer: A Former Client’s Perspective
Elisabeth A. Sadowski, Murray Jamieson

Backing the PAC, A TLABC Tradition
Megan Ejack

"What Can You Do When They Stick A Camera In Your Face?": Dealing With The Press
Aaron A. Fox QC, McDougall Gauley LLP

Get the Most out of your Membership
Jesse Brown
Education Update
Erin Monahan
Case Notes
Edward P. Good
Family Law
Magal Hueberman


Medical Malpractice
Lindsay McGivern
Employment Update
Rose Keith
Wills & Estates
R. Trevor Todd
David J. Bilinsky
Class Action Update

David A. Klein & Angela Bespflug

Head 2 Head
Bentley Doyle & Wyatt Pickett
  Book Review
Mike Sporer