ABOUT THIS ISSUE (150 - Fall 2016 - Post-Trial) 

The trial is over. All done, right? Wrong. If you think you’re done, chances are you will be underprepared for what happens, or should happen, next. But, if you’ve anticipated correctly, you’ll already be evaluating – or preparing a response to – an appeal and everything that comes with that process. There might be further negotiations. There will be the matters of collection and interest. The post-trial period is also an opportunity to assess what you’ve learned and allows you a chance to mull over what you might do differently if a similar case becomes a future file. This edition of the Verdict is themed on Post-Trial. It is a very worthy topic, as it can easily be a large overlooked aspect to your overall case. Pre-trial activities, as with resolutions and conclusions, are the natural marks on any case’s timeline, but what happens next can be equally significant,  and sometimes even more important, to your client’s future.       



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President's Message
Aseem Dosanjh
  Rules Amendments What's New And Almost Was
By John W. Bilawich
CEO Corner
Carla Terzariol
  The End of Charter Damages Class Actions in BC? Monaco v. Coquitlam (City) and Thorburn v. British Columbia 
By Mathew P. Good
Kenneth A. Price
  Electronic Discover Essentials
By Johanna C. Mustapic
Backing the PAC, a TLABC Tradition
Megan Ejack

Now Open! Rise Women's Legal Centre
By Kim Hawkins
Get the Most out of your Membership
Amanda Huettner
  The Growing Demand For Articling Positions & What You Can Do About It
By Elisabeth Sadowski
Education Update
Erin Monahan
  Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Quantifying Loss of Earning Capacity
By Saro J. Turner & James A. Richards
Case Notes
Edward P. Good
  Asked & Answered: 20 Questions with TLABC Member John Conroy, QC  
  Family Law
Magal Hueberman


Medical Malpractice
by Lindsay McGivern &
Susanne Raab
Employment Update
Rose Keith
Wills & Estates
R. Trevor Todd
David J. Bilinsky
Legislative Watch
Ian Aikenhead QC
Class Action Update
David A. Klein
Criminal Law
Kevin B. Westell
  Book Review
Mike Sporer
Head 2 Head
Bentley Doyle




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