ISSUE 157 - Summer 2018 - Biography

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Kenneth Price

Feature TLABC Member
Lindsay Frame


CEO Corner
Shawn Mitchell, MPA, C.Dir.

Feature TLABC Member
Michele Ross


President's Welcome Message
Sonny Parhar

Feature TLABC Member
Dan Parlow


Membership News
Karen St.Aubin
  Feature TLABC Member
Susanne Raab
Education Update
Erin Monahan

Feature TLABC Member
Amy Mortimore

Backing the PAC,
A TLABC Tradition

Megan Ejack

'It's About Obtaining Justice':
David Klein & His Pioneering Class Action Work

Alyse Kotyk

Case Notes
Edward P. Good

Richard Fowler, QC - A Principled Advocate
Nicholas Peterson

Family Law
Magal Huberman
  Q&A With TLABC's Female Past Presidents  

Medical Malpractice

Lindsay McGivern


Tom Spraggs


Michael McCubbin


Restoring the Art of Advocacy
Martin Peters

Wills & Estates
R. Trevor Todd
Legislative Watch
Ian Aikenhead QC