ISSUE 153 - Summer 2017 - Disabilities


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President's Message
Keri Grenier
  Effective Representation of Clients with Disabilities

Candace Cho, Onyx Law Group

Kenneth A. Price

A Practical Guide to Resolving Long Term Disability Claims
Mark Tweedy

Backing the PAC, A TLABC Tradition
Megan Ejack

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Clients
Karen Mirsky JD & Deloris Piper, Registered Sign Language Interpreter

Education Update
Erin Monahan
  No Man's Land: The Ethics of Settlement Negotiations
Gordon Hilliker QC
Case Notes
Edward P. Good
Family Law
Magal Hueberman









Medical Malpractice
Brenda Osmond &
Bob Kucheran
Employment Update
Rose Keith
Wills & Estates
R. Trevor Todd
Class Action Update

David A. Klein & Leah Seneviratne


Legislative Watch
Ian Aikenhead

  Head 2 Head
Wyatt Pickett