Advertising in the Verdict Magazine

To learn about advertising opportunities with the Verdict, please contact:

Publisher, the Verdict
Trial Lawyers Association of BC

604 696-6518
toll free: 1 888 558-5222

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Spring 2018 - Issue 156
Theme: Technology

Ad space booking deadline: 7 February 2018
Artwork deadline: 14 February 2018

Fast Facts about the Verdict Magazine:

Print Frequency
the Verdict is published quarterly (spring, summer, winter and fall).

Print Run: 1,500 print/per issue, 235 + digital/per issue
Anticipated Audience: over 6,000/per issue
Distribution: the Verdict is distributed to TLABC members, all judges in the Supreme Court of Canada, Supreme Court of BC, Court of Appeal and the Provincial Court of BC, BC MLAs/government, Canadian Law Libraries/Universities, TLAs across Canada and the US and US attorneys/Interested Parties.

- TLABC members are predominantly 30-60 years old
-74% of TLABC members rank the Verdict as their number one membership benefit
-74% of TLABC members have patronized the businesses and services advertised in the Verdict
-79% of TLABC members spend and average of 30-60 minutes reading the Verdict