Public Affairs Committee (PAC) and the PAC Fund





What is PAC?
The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) is TLABC’s fundraising arm for non-operational expenses, generally in the form of special projects and initiatives.Whereas operational expenses cover staff salaries and day-to-day office needs, PAC funds are in place to ensure TLABC can follow through, when and where needed, with regard to seeking justice and fighting back against threats to the rights of individuals. Historically, this has includedseveral battles to ensure no-fault auto insurance is not implemented in BC. It has also included things such as a public campaign in opposition to the government’s Civil Liability Review, which was concluded in 2004, during the first instalment of Premier Gordon Campbell’s government. PAC fundraising has existed for over 35 years. Many TLABC members contribute regularly by way of monthly or annual donations.

PAC Donors
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The 5 primary functions of PAC: 

  • Fundraising to support TLABC’s non-operational initiatives.
  • Promoting and preserving the positive aspects of the judicial system.
  • Opposing legislation that would restrict or weaken rights and curtail access to justice for individuals and the public at large.
  • Gathering and sharing of information to keep members and clients apprised of issues relevant to their interests.
  • Building, maintaining and (when necessary) restoring a reserve fund to equip TLABC with the ability to deal with major crises as they develop. This enables TLABC to hit the ground running in the event of unforeseen developments and direct threats to the rights of citizens and the ability lawyers have to adequately represent them.

PAC & the Verdict Magazine

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PAC Plus - Noteworthy Info
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