Past Seminar Materials – For Members Only
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Papers from 2016:

Soft Tissue Injuries: Building a Better Community of Practice (1 & 2 April 2016)
A Rock & a Hard Place: Complex Issues in Family Law Practice (22 April 2016)
Attacking the Will 4 (6 May 2016)
Criminal Law: Ethical and Emerging Issues (23 September 2016)
Litigation Update 2016: Current Trends in Trial Tactics and Advocacy (28 October 2016)
Under Pressure: Interim Tactics that Apply Pressure in Commercial Litigation (18 November 2016)
Going from Bad to Worse: Secondary & Delayed Syndromes in the Medical-Legal Narrative (2 December 2016)

Papers from 2017:
Medical-Legal Conference XV, Newport Beach CA (24-27 January 2017)
Winning the Battle: Practical Tips and Successful Tactics Used in Recent Noteworthy Cases (24 February 2017) You will have to fill out the Plaintiff Only Certification to get access to these materials. Click here for form.
The Paralegal’s Progress: Update & Education (8 March 2017)
Essentials in Estate Litigation 2017 (7 April 2017)
When the Home is Not a Haven: Protecting the Child (21 April 2017)
Brain Injury Conference 2017 (5 & 6 May 2017)
Making Criminal Law Great Again: Real Practice Strategies (29 September 2017)
Your Clients’ Mental Health: What Every Lawyer Needs to Know (3 November 2017)
Proving Physical & Psychiatric Injuries: Advances in the Law and Medicine (December 2017)

Papers from 2018:
Medical-Legal Conference XVI, Hawaii (23-26 January 2018)
Dysfunctional Families Dead or Alive: An Essential Toolkit for Family & Estate Lawyers (23 February 2018)
The Aspiring & Inspiring Paralegal: Professional Development & Leadership (7 March 2018)
Jury Trials: What Plaintiffs’ Counsel Need to Know (6 April 2018) You will have to fill out the Plaintiff Only Certification to get access to these materials. Click here for form.
Equitable Doctrines, Defences and Remedies (20 April 2018)
Chronic Pain Conference 2018: Emerging Medical & Legal Issues (4 & 5 May 2018)
Criminal Practice (R)evolution: What You Must Know About the Biggest Change in Criminal Law in a Generation (28 September 2018)
Litigation 2018: Cutting Edge Topics for Trial Lawyers (November 2018)
The Anatomy of a Family File: A Litigator's Guide (November 2018)
Past, Present and Future Care: Medical Best Practices and Legal Best Outcomes (December 2018)