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2020 Retirement and Spousal Support: Good-bye Freedom 55!

Date: 11/18/2020

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Presented by Georgialee Lang and Lorne MacLean QC

It’s called “Grey Divorce” and the numbers are increasing. Anecdotal evidence suggests that 35% of family lawyers’ practices focus on clients aged 60 and over. Stats Canada tells us that by 2019 one in six Canadians were at least 65 years old, a phenomenon generated by baby boomers who are now between 56 and 75 years old. This cohort is expected to increase until 2031 when the last of the boomers turn 65.

There are hundreds of reported cases across Canada, but it’s still anybody's guess as to when support will terminate in long-term marriages…but there are some mile markers that provide guidance… and Georgialee Lang and Lorne MacLean QC have some answers. This webinar will review the most recent cases, an exercise that will reveal the challenges and financial reality of retirement and spousal support.

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