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2019 Estate and Family Law Summit

Date: 04/05/2019

Papers and slides available for download

Plenary Materials


Family Forums – Forming Families
barbara findlay QC, Vancouver

Assisted Reproduction Caselaw – Canada
Monique N. Shebbeare, Vancouver

Chronology of Major Changes in Spousal and Child Status in British Columbia Succession Law
Stanley Rule, Sabey Rule LLP, Kelowna


Keel Calm and Practice On: Challenges and Solutions in Family Law (Family Law Track Materials)

Working Together: The Practice and the Role of Counsel
R. Craig A. Neville QC, Watson Goepel LLP, Vancouver 
Arlene Henry QC, Arlene H. Henry Mediation and Law Offices, Vancouver

Understanding FMEP and ISO
Paul Hundal, Family Maintenance Enforcement Program, Burnaby

Applications under the Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act
Paul Reimer, Paul Reimer Law Corporation, Vancouver

The ABCs of a Family Violence File
Vandana Sood, Rise Women’s Legal Centre Society, Vancouver

A Brief Summary of Family Violence in the Family Law Act and Case Law
Cléa P. Amundsen, The Kitsilano Family Law Group, Vancouver

New Initiatives in Family Justice: Updates from the AG
Nancy Carter, Ministry of Justice - Justice Services, Victoria
Shannan Knutson, Ministry of Justice - Justice Services, Victoria

Settling Smart: How to Maximize Settlement Potential at Mediation
Gayle M. Raphanel, Gayle M. Raphanel Personal Law Corporation, Vancouver

Settling Smart: Mediation DOs and DON’Ts
Shannon Aldinger, Aldinger Law Corporation, Courtenay

An Introduction to Family Law Appeals in BC
Mark R. Slay, North Shore Law LLP, Vancouver
Kelly Simington,  North Shore Law LLP, Vancouver
Slay & Ellis slides


Estate Litigation: This is How You Do It (Estate Litigation Track Materials)


How to Fight Smart: Strategies From the Trenches
Janet (Jacy) Wingson QC, McQuarrie Hunter, Surrey

Committeships:  Overcoming Roadblocks
Deirdre Herbert, McLellan Herbert, Vancouver

Cowper-Smith v. Morgan: The Supreme Court of Canada both clarifies and expands the application of Proprietary Estoppel
Heather Fisher, Horne Coupar LLP, Victoria

How to Test for Testamentary Capacity: A Demonstration
Ken Kramer QC, KMK Law Corporation, Vancouver 
Michelle Isaak, DLA Piper (Canada) LLP, Vancouver

How to Successfully Defend an Undue Influence Action
David Hunter, Hamilton Duncan Armstrong + Stewart Law Corporation, Surrey

How to Wine an Undue Influence Case
R. Trevor Todd, R. Trevor Todd Law Corp, Vancouver

Cocktail Party Questions
Geoffrey White, Geoffrey W. White Law Corporation, Kelowna

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