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2019 Life after Caps: "Minor" Injuries

Date: 05/10/2019

Papers and slides available for download
Guide to the New Galaxy of “Minor Injury” and “Serious Impairment”
Elisabeth Sadowski, Richards Buell Sutton LLP, Vancouver
Life after Caps: Impact on Medical Services
Dr. Brenda Lau, Clinical Associate Professor Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Faculty Of Medicine, UBC Vancouver
Bill 20 & Part 7 Benefits - An Overview
Brian Collins, MVA Practice Manager, Klein Lawyers, Vancouver 
Recent Legislative Changes to the Law of Subrogation in Bodily Injury Actions in British Columbia:
Progressive Legislative Change or Robbing Peter to Pay Paul?
David Wallin, Whitelaw Twining, Vancouver
The Role of Health Care Providers
David Brooks, Ramsay Lampman Rhodes, Nanaimo
The New World of the Civil Resolution Tribunal - Understanding the Role and Procedures of the CRT post April 1, 2019
Rose Keith, Harper Grey LLP, Vancouver
CRT - Jurisdiction & Judicial Review of Tribunal Decisions
William Veenstra QC, Jenkins, Marzban, Logan LLP, Vancouver
Matthew R. Voell, Barrister & Solicitor, Vancouver
Psychological Claims in the Post Cap Era: What We Know, Ongoing Questions & Concerns, and Healthcare Trends
Dr. Laura Klubben, Chuck Jung & Associates, Vancouver
Dr. Spencer Wade, Chuck Jung Associates, Vancouver
Preliminary Evidence of Atypical Somatic Symptoms in Individuals with Post-Concussion Syndrome
Dr. Andrew Howard, Department of Psychiatry, UBC, Vancouver
Time Limits under the New Regime
Heather Bains, John Mickelson Law Corporation, Vancouver
Where, When & How to Launch a Claim
Matthew Van Nostrand, Murphy Battista LLP, Vancouver
Getting Out of the CRT: Practical Considerations
Saro Turner, Slater Vecchio LLP, Vancouver
Beverly Ma, Slater Vecchio LLP, Vancouver
Expert Reports in the Brave New World
Adam Ueland, Simpson Thomas & Associates, Vancouver

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