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2013 Webinar: Navigating Difficult Conversations: Strategies for Positive Outcomes

Date: 03/28/2013

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Presented by Dr. Doug Cohen and Dr. Eamonn Gill, Tactical Edge Consulting, Vancouver BC

We’ve all had those moments in the workplace when we must provide information to a colleague or client that they will find upsetting. More often than not we dread these moments as they can be rife with conflict and can threaten to destroy valuable relationships. Working with unhappy clients or staff can be extremely stressful, potentially unproductive, and can ultimately cost us business. Quite naturally, we frequently avoid such conversations and sweep the issue under the rug; a strategy that can have devastating consequences in an environment where effective communication is critical for success.

Without a doubt, Lawyers preside over and engage in some of the stormiest conversations one can imagine. Dr.’s Gill & Cohen present, in this webinar, three strategies designed enhance our ability to navigate such conversations and in the process strengthen collegial and client relationships. Strategy 1: Creating a “container” for the conversation that can help diffuse heat and provide a positive starting point. Strategy 2: Employing microskills that deescalate negatively charged conversations and help us stay on target. Strategy 3: Self-Mastery – keeping oneself in the zone and managing reactivity. Using these strategies, one can address difficult conversations with greater confidence, establish collegial and client relationship that can sustain conflicts and challenges, and can potentially improve the chance that everyone involved will be able to make more constructive, informed decisions even in the presence of strong emotions and stress.

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