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2015 Pacific Legal Technology Conference

Date: 10/07/2015

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Room 1
No Brainer "Sweet Spot" Tech for Solos and Small Firms  (SSF1)

Technology has evolved to the point where a law firm should have a standard set of ‘no brainer’ technologies that have a demonstrated ROI and lie in the ‘sweet spot’ of favoured technologies from lawyers of all areas of practice.  In this session our experts lay out their visions of the ‘best bang for the buck’ software and hardware  for the solo and small firm lawyer.

Speakers: Joe Kashi and Nicole Garton

The Business and Marketing Case for Reinventing Your Law Firm  (SSF2)
Marketing is not just about using Social Media. Business is not just about worrying about the numbers. Business combined with Marketing embraces viewing your practice from the perspective of the client and then building a business case to ensure that your firm is doing everything possible to provide value to your target market. Along the way, your technology should be aligned with both your strategic business plan and your marketing plan. This session is all about rethinking how you approach the market and how you can reinvent your practice and your firm.

Speakers: Doug Jasinski  and Chilwin Cheng

What is an Appropriate Level of Protection and How to Achieve It  (STP1)
Practicing law in today’s world requires that you be conversant about digital security, privacy and data protection. New and dangerous threats such as ransomware are emerging that can lock up your data and demand a ransom.  Clients are now demanding that law firms go through security audits to ensure that their confidential information is heavily safeguarded. Our expert speakers will highlight the best security practices today that should be adopted by law firms and how to implement them in your firm.

 Speakers: Lincoln Mead and Rob Walls

All the Gadgets, Sites and More we can Squeeze into 60+ Minutes (KNT2) 
This fast and furious session is always a hit! We explore the latest and niftiest in management, marketing, technology and finance tips with a technological focus to help you work better, faster, cheaper. We bet you’ll come away with ideas, gadgets, software and websites to use first thing Monday morning!

Speakers: Lincoln Mead, Darin Thompson, Andrea Cannavina, Kate Gower and David Bilinsky

Room 2

Practice Management Tools: There has never been a better time  (FOT1)
There are 4 key business drivers for adopting practice management software in a law firm.  These are: to reduce lawyer time on administration, to improve effectiveness and prevention of professional risks, to increase efficiency and to reduce the cost and risk related to IT and legal matters.  Practice management software has an ROI of between 1069% to 4055% according to Blue Hill Research.  With a return on investment of this magnitude, lawyers today should be moving now to realize the benefit of this software. This session will outline the options available to you and the measureable benefits that lawyers have found in using law practice software.

 Speakers: Maryam Zargar and Sebastien Anderson

Sharing Documents Securely with Clients, Lawyers and Others (FOT2)
Email has been stated as being the electronic equivalent – and about as private – as sending a postcard through the mail. What are the options to email that will allow you to confidentially, ethically and easily communicate with your clients, lawyers, experts and others?  Secure portals, encryption, project management software, social media, chat and others are being used today by lawyers and clients to communicate. This session will explore the different technologies available to you along with the ethical, confidential and other considerations inherent in their use and operation.

Speakers: Euan Sinclair and Michael Dew

Getting Efficient with Technology  (BOT1)
According to E&T Magazine, information technology has led to a 480% increase in productivity per hour since 1972.  Predictions are that this increase will only continue as advances in technology continue and as businesses adopt these enabling technologies.  This session will explore how you can ride this productivity wave. Our speakers will explore both the range of options available to you, the legal and ethical considerations in their adaption as well as best practices for implementing them into your firm.

Speakers: Andrea Cannavina and Jeremy Hessing-Lewis

Financial Management Reports You Should be Producing from Your System and Why (BOT2) 
Technology should not only efficiently run your legal files, it should also help you run the business side of the practice.  Your financial system collects all sorts of data and should be able to produce a host of reports on your financial and managerial performance – that is if you know what to look for. Without this information you are missing out on how you can get better, more responsive or how to focus your practice on better clients.  This session will explore the how and whys of getting great financial feedback from your financial system and what the numbers mean.

Speakers:  Bonnie Kirk

Room 3

The Busy Litigator’s Toolbox: Essential Advocacy Technology (TCMDT1)
Litigators today have an arsenal of available technologies that they can use to prepare their case and then use in court, tribunals, mediations and more to advocate for their client. From apps on tablets to laptops, smartphones, Cloud applications, e-discovery platforms, mind-mapping software, trial presentation software to adducing evidence by video conference and Skype, there has never been such selection and availability of technology in the busy litigator’s toolbox.  This session will delve into the choices and considerations in this area.

 Speakers: Michael Conde , Ann Halkett  and Kate Gower 

Blending Technology with Strong Advocacy Skills (TCMDR2)
As a trial and dispute resolution lawyer you need to present complex evidence in a way that those hearing it can understand it and follow your argument. Indeed, your very case is dependent on how well you can do this. In this session experienced trial lawyers share their hard-earned knowledge and insight into the technologies that can help you present complex situations and data in ways that cast the best light on your theory of the case.

 Speakers:  Tom Spraggs, Michael McCubbin and Registrar Timothy Outerbridge

How Tech is Changing the Practice of Law: Watson, AI, Expert Systems and More (IAIT1)
Watson, the IBM cognitive learning system is reported to presently have the capacity to pass a bar exam – and it is still learning. Watson is but one of the many initiatives of new technology into the legal arena.  This session will explore the latest developments in Silicon Valley and elsewhere that have the potential to disrupt the legal profession, as we know it.

This will be held in a debate format! 

Speakers: FOR: Nate Russell; AGAINST: Simon Chester

Emerging Canadian Legal Technology  (IAIT2) 

Increasingly today lawyers want to back up their data onto cloud services that are only hosted in Canada.  Canada is also a hotbed of activity for new IT ventures that offer new cloud-based services for lawyers. This session will explore the latest in Canadian legal and cloud-based technologies that can be used by lawyers to increase their efficiencies, effectiveness and stay on the north side of the 49th parallel.

Speakers: Michael Roman, Steve Matthews and Darin Thompson

Keynote: Lunch Keynote Presentation (KNT1) 
Security is emerging as the #1 issue for lawyers and law firms of all sizes. With the potential for malware such as CryptoLocker and other ransomware lurking on every email and the proliferation of those who seek to hack into law firm networks or try to defraud law firms of their trust funds, one can’t be too careful these days. Lincoln will review the current range of exploits and why you need to worry about them and how to best protect yourself against them. He will look at the current state of encryption and the protection that it can offer you and why you should be using it.
How can you communicate securely with clients? What role do client portals play in today’s practices? How do you secure mobile devices? What are the dangers of public WI-Fi? Lincoln will delve into all this and more in this keynote presentation that will have you realizing that what you don’t know can indeed hurt you and your practice.

Speaker: Lincoln Mead

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