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2014 Criminal Law at a Crossroads: New Practice Strategies

Date: 09/19/2014

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Opening remarks 
KEVIN A. FILKOW, Filkow Law, Richmond

HOVAN PATEY, Myers Karp Patey & Allingham, Vancouver

Bail Reviews
LAWRENCE D. MYERS QC, Myers Karp Patey & Allingham, Vancouver

Mandatory Minimums
DAVID FAI, David N. Fai Law Corporation, Vancouver

Warrants, Undertakings and Process
MICHELLE L. WRAY, Crown Counsel, Surrey

Searches of Cellphones & Legal Trends
SCOTT HUTCHISON, Henein Hutchison LLP, Toronto ON

Self-Defence and Defence of Others
RICHARD C. GIBBS QC, Richard C. Gibbs Law Corporation, Prince George

Record Suspensions and Pardons
ANDREW TANENBAUM,  Pardons Canada, Toronto ON

Civil - Administrative Forfeiture and Charter and Policing Issues
BIBHAS D. VAZE, Bibhas Vaze Law, Vancouver
KENNETH S. WESTLAKE QC,  Kenneth S. Westlake Law Office, Vancouver

Recanting and Reluctant Witnesses
TERENCE LA LIBERTÉ QC,  La Liberté Cronin & Company

Dangers of Expert Evidence
MATTHEW A.  NATHANSON,  MN Law, Vancouver 

Forensic Analysis Video and Digital Images*
DAVID McKAY, Blackstone Forensics, North Vancouver

* only the second half of the last presentation was recorded due to technical error

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