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2014 The Family Law Act: The Times Are Still A'Changing materials

Date: 03/28/2014

Papers Include:

Harmony or Discord: Children under the Divorce Act and the FLA
MORAG MACLEOD, Morag M. J. MacLeod Family Law, Vancouver

Protection Orders: A Review of Case Law
Reprinted with permission from TLABC’s Verdict Magazine
& Supplementary Case Summaries
MAGAL HUBERMAN, Pietrow Law Group, Vancouver

Family Violence: A Review of Cases under the Family Law Act
ZARA SULEMAN, Suleman Family Law, North Vancouver

Conscious Coupling and Ticky Boxes (slides only)
AGNES HUANG, Agnes Huang Law, Vancouver

Interim Issues & Substantive Law
WESLEY C. SHIELDS, FH&P Lawyers, Kelowna

The Treatment of Agreements under the Family Law Act
DAVID C. DUNDEE, Paul & Company, Kamloops

Independent Legal Advice for Domestic Contracts
& Independent Legal Advice Checklist
(reprinted with permission from the Law Society of BC)
EDNA M. RITCHIE, Law Society of BC, Vancouver

WESA: What Family Lawyers Need to Know
JANE A.G. PURDIE QC, Hambrook & Company, White Rock

Support after Death
MICHAEL M. SINCLAIR, Harper Grey LLP, Vancouver

Limitation Periods under the Family Law Act and the New Limitation Act
LUDMILA B. HERBST, Farris Vaughan Wills & Murphy LLP, Vancouver
DYLANA BLOOR, Farris Vaughan Wills & Murphy LLP, Vancouver
MARTIN TWIGG FARRIS, Farris Vaughan Wills & Murphy LLP, Vancouver

The Division of Property Under the FLA: Fair and Intuitive?
GRACE CHOI, Jenkins Marzban Logan LLP, Vancouver
KELSEY BEAZER, Jenkins Marzban Logan LLP, Vancouver

Tracing Original Property to Replacement Property: What Evidence is Required?
(reprinted with permission from the author and

Some Bankruptcy Law Issues Affecting Division of Assets and Support Under The Family Law Act
Gordon G. PLOTTEL, Miller Thomson LLP, Vancouver

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