Criminal Defence Lawyers - Membership Benefits

TLABC offers various membership services and education opportunities for members of the criminal defence bar.

The Criminal Defence Litigation Group (CDLG) is a practice resource for members and non-members. The CDLG has a dedicated list server with 285 current subscribers providing assistance to each other on various issues, including trial strategy, case law and client referrals. TLABC members receive a $150 discount on the subscription fee to the CDLG.

Every September TLABC presents its criminal law conference to over 100 participants. TLABC members receive a $100 discount on the registration fee.

Throughout the year various one-hour teleseminars are provided to the criminal defence bar. Recent topics have included the New IRP Legislation and Driving Incidents: Civil and Criminal Advice. TLABC members attend for free.

TLABC also has an active Criminal Defence Committee chaired by Deanne Gaffar that is dedicated to keeping the Executive and Board apprised of issues of importance to your community. To that end, we have been involved for the past two years on the battle for increased legal aid funding. Our Legal Aid Action Committee is the driving force behind our campaign and is co-chaired by Birgit Eder, Richard Fowler, Paul Pearson and Phil Rankin.

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