TLABC Cares - Lawyers Helping People

"TLABC Cares" is a TLABC initiative that aims to support and participate in community-minded and charitable projects. 

Our membership is comprised of a diverse group of dedicated lawyers who truly care about their communities.  
We are always looking for ideas - Do you have a group or organization that you support, or a special project you would
like to recommend? Please email with the details!

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Current Initiatives:

End Distracted Driving

Past Initiatives:

TLABC is proud to support the 'Bullying Stops Here' campaign.  Bullying is not just a problem in schoolyards,
but is prevalent in the workplace, the courtroom and online as well.  We strive to work towards justice and fairness
in all areas of the profession and the community. 


Soup Sisters & Broth Brothers 



Socks For Santa







For several years, TLABC  held a "Socks For Santa" campaign during the Holiday Season.
All proceeds go to the First United Downtown Eastside Shelter.
The shelter provides 60 beds each night –
space for 40 men and 20 women. This is one of the largest and busiest shelters in Vancouver.
Each day they provide their clients with foot baths/foot care, as well as provide them with a clean pair of
dry socks. Keeping your feet warm, dry and protected can be quite challengingin this rainy city, and the shelter
often runs out of socks.