8 March 2012

Announcing the TLABC Bench and Bar Awards Luncheon

Friday March 30th 12:00 - 1:30 pm at the Vancouver Convention Centre East Building

This year, we honour Madam Justice Marion Allan with the 2012 Bench Award, and Robert D. Holmes QC with the 2012 Bar Award...


28 February 2012


The Winter 2012 Edition of the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) 'QuarterPAC' is out!


13 January 2012

Battle for Legal Aid Update

Phase One of the duty counsel withdrawals has been completed.  The dates for Phase Two are as follows:

February 1- 14, 2012

3 January 2012

2012 Duty Counsel Withdrawal Now in Effect

The Battle for Legal Aid in BC has entered a crucial new phase, as the first wave of Duty Counsel service withdrawals is now in effect.  The service withdrawals will be conducted as a four-part escalating series, with counsel standing down for the first week of January, two weeks in February, three weeks in March and all of April.  Further forms of so-called job action are already being evaluated.

For more on the Battle for Legal Aid in BC- CLICK HERE

12 December 2011

TLABC Holiday Office Info

As we are counting down to the holidays, the TLABC team would like to remind you that the office will be closed from Friday, December 23rd until Tuesday, January 3rd. 

As well, the office will be operating with flexible staff & services between Thursday, December 15th until the office closure on the 23rd.  Please feel free to send an email or leave a voicemail message for the appropriate staff during this time.  Happy Holidays!

28 November 2011

BC Lawyers Set to Rally Simultaneously in Several Locations

A Severe Lack of Legal-Aid Funding Continues to Harm Citizens and the Entire Justice System

Lawyers will gather in four locations at 1:00 pm on Wednesday, November 30, to rally for restored funding to British Columbia's legal-aid system. The rallies are happening one month ahead of service withdrawals by legal counsel in various locations throughout the province, which take effect at the start of January and proceed as an escalating series.


9 November 2011

Rally In Ribbons and Robes- The Battle for Legal Aid in BC

The Legal Aid Action Committee is working hard to prepare for the Rally in Ribbons and Robes, by urging legal counsel in British Columbia to assemble on their courthouse steps at 1 pm on Wednesday 30 November 2011.  This event will sound the warning of duty counsel withdrawal in the first months of 2012. 

Lawyers from across the province are being encouraged to wear light blue ribbons to demonstrate their support for this campaign, to signify that they are a soldier in the battle for legal aid.



8 June 2011
Serious Criminal Case Halted Today in Vancouver
for a Lack of Security, Lack of Sheriffs

Security concerns brought on by a lack of courtroom sheriffs caused a case in BC Supreme Court to be halted today mid-trial. This is the latest setback to the justice system, a structure that continues to be weakened across the province due to a lack of resources and court time.


3 June 2011
Cuts to Court Staffing of Sheriffs Creates Far Bigger
Problems Ahead for BC Courts and the BC Government

Decreased staffing of court sheriffs means the BC Government has increased the pressure on a justice system already hampered by a shortage of judges and a lack of available court time.   


**Updated** 2 May 2011
TLABC's Supreme Court Rules Document Library

In addition to the summaries of each new Civil Rule, this webpage has been updated to include case comments and responses from TLABC's recent membership survey on six key areas of the new Rules of Court. You can call up this information at www.tlabc.org/CourtRules or by using the QuickLink above. Information continues to be added as new material becomes available.

REMINDER: You will need to log on with your password as the information is available to TLABC members only.