Each webinar runs from 12:00 - 1:30 pm, and is worth 1.5 CPD credits (Including professional management credits!)
PLTW Advisory Committee:
  • Michael McCubbin, Whitecap Legal (Chair)
  • Kate Gower, DGW Law Corporation
  • Ann Halkett, Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP
  • Registrar Timothy Outerbridge, British Columbia Court of Appeal
  • Thomas Spraggs, Spraggs & Co. Law Corporation
  • Mark Virgin, Stevens Virgin


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  • Non-member $124
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Series Schedule:

Friday October 13th 2017
Getting Your Digital Office off the Ground (Whether You’re Big or Small, New or Old)
The first session of this series covers basic elements of transitioning from a paper-based practice to a paperless one, ready to leverage both the basic and higher order technological advantages that clients, tribunals and lawyers increasingly demand. Our presenters have experience working as sole practitioners, partners in large national firms and everything in between.
Presented By: 
  • Wendy Baker QC, Miller Thomson LLP
  • Lori Hart, Stevens Virgin
  • Euan Sinclair, ZIP Law
Webinar Sponsor: Clio

Friday November 10th 2017

Is there a Silver Lining when Cloud Computing?
Cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly worrisome issue, but cloud computing remains one of the best means for firms to store data.  This session will examine the pros and cons of current cloud storage options, and faculty will provide helpful guidance on how to best protect and preserve your data, beyond the requirements of LSBC.  Additional commentary will give insight into insurance coverage on the market in the event of a cyberattack.
Presented By: 
  • Tracy Ayling, Litigation Support Consultant 
  • Doug Munro, Law Society of BC
Webinar Sponsor: BMC Networks

Friday December 8th 2017

Practical Software Tips for a Digital Practice
Bill Gates once said that automation applied to an inefficient process will only magnify the inefficiency. In an increasingly digital world, there is an endless array of software solutions promising the world. This session aims to cut to the chase and discuss practical and effective technology solutions and tips that will improve the efficiency of your law practice, with a particular focus on document and information management, improving your bottom line and letting you focus on what's most important.
Presented By: 
  • Chilwin Cheng, Chilwin Cheng Law Corporation
  • Jeremy Hessing-Lewis, Small Law

Friday February 9th 2018

Practical Advice for Conducting Electronic Discovery 
Every lawyer has to manage electronic discovery in the modern age, though not every lawyer knows the important things about Metadata, the hidden information in electronic documents. This seminar covers how to find it, how it can be changed and how to use it to assist with reviewing evidence. The session will review the better eDiscovery software products currently available and provide a primer on when you really need an electronic evidence database program and when you can you get away with over-the-counter products such as Excel or Access to review evidence and present it in court.
Presented By: 
  • Michael Conde, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
  • Kate Gower, DGW Law Corporation
  • Ann Halkett,  Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP

Friday March 9th 2018
Artificial Intelligence: Will It Replace Lawyers? 
This fast-paced discussion will cover what artificial intelligence really is and what it can and can’t do. You’ll come away with an understanding of the different platforms out there and what’s involved in building them, and you’ll know if AI is going to replace lawyers, or if it’s going to be a part of your technology tool kit.
Presented By: 
  • Kate Gower, DGW Law Corporation
  • David W. Miller, Deloitte
  • Thomas Spraggs, Spraggs & Co. Law Corporation
Webinar Sponsor: i-worx
Everyone’s Got Boundaries:  Essentials on Crossing the Border and Maintaining Data Security
This webinar will go over the fundamental Do’s and Don’ts when traveling outside of Canada and upon re-entry.  The faculty will go over the legal restrictions for those who travel and work remotely, as well as the technical considerations for how to protect data and preserve privacy.
Presented By: 
  • Ryan Black, McMillan LLP
  • Brian Mauch, BMC Networks 
  • Solomon Wong
Webinar Sponsor: Hub International

Friday May 11th 2018

60 Tech Tips in 60 Minutes! 
We ended our live conference with this. We couldn’t leave it out of this webinar series! Join us for the final session where our eclectic group of speakers gives you the best bang for your buck in a lighthearted blitz of useful tech tips that you are likely to use on a daily basis, starting tomorrow! 
Presented By: 
  • Valter Cid, Cat Digital Solutions
  • Paul Doroshenko, Acumen Law Corporation
  • Nathaniel Russell, BC Courthouse Library Society
  • Euan Sinclair, ZIP Law
  • Jan Kietzmann, SFU, Burnaby
  • Stephen Currie, Vaultedge
Webinar Sponsor: Dye and Durham