The Power of PAC

On the backs of our generous donors, the work of the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) is what enables TLABC to advance special public-minded objectives. The committee is the fundraising arm of the association. The committee members carry out the all-important task of raising money for TLABC’s non-operational expenses. PAC dollars power special projects and initiatives. PAC funds ensure TLABC can seek justice through special efforts and fight back against developments that stand to threaten the legal rights of citizens. As there is always an ongoing need to be vigilant, there is ongoing need to secure funds. Contributing together, TLABC members have proved capable of great things. Great efforts throughout TLABC’s history would not have been possible without the financial contributions our association has been supplied with by lawyers and law firms. Donors past and present, we thank you for your commitment to justice and to the citizens of BC!

If you are not donating to PAC at present, contact Development Director Megan Ejack ( to start.  You too can be a proud member of TLABC’s team of contributors. In the meantime, please join us in recognizing all current PAC donors. (link to the updated list of donors). Our donors are recognized in signage displayed prominently in TLABC publications and at TLABC events. 

Aiding Key Cases & Appeals

The Litigation Committee provides TLABC with a straightforward means of helping to determine which legal matters should gain formal support from our association. It is the starting point for TLABC to assess whether it can and should help fund certain cases, appeals and intervener actions.

In essence, a legal matter must be of public relevance in order to gain support from TLABC, and emphasis is placed on BC-based proceedings aimed at protecting or enhancing the rights of individuals. Considerations include whether a person’s access to justice is diminished, whether the independence of the bar or judiciary is threatened, and whether a person is unjustifiably limited in their ability to recover damages from those who wronged them.

Suggestions and requests for the committee’s consideration should be directed to TLABC’s Executive Director/CEO. The ED/CEO is the staff liaison and primary gatekeeper to the Litigation Committee. From there, the committee members evaluate the requests, make recommendations to TLABC’s Executive Committee and Board of Governors, and – working together - these bodies make the ultimate decision on each case. 

Here are some examples of how the PAC fund has been used in the past:

  • Polling conducted by TLABC
  • Support for partner groups, e.g. contributions to the Coalition Against No-Fault in BC
  • Pre-election questionnaires in 1996, 2001 and 2005
  • The costs associated with Freedom of Information requests
  • Funding contributions for key cases and appeals – e.g. the Lee appeal and cross-appeal, the PST case/challenge.