TLABC Members,

Mid-March. Spring break for some. For others, including a throng of key TLABC volunteers, it is a busy pre-election period, as the province inches closer to the general election on May 9.

To be clear, representatives from TLABC’s Board of Governors have been extra busy this year. Though our association is non-partisan, this spring’s election will set BC on a new path, and the political party that earns the right to govern for the next four years will need to address - almost immediately - the financial strain on the Insurance Corporation of BC.
It is a topic that TLABC has taken directly to current MLAs (those governing and in opposition) and will continue to press with candidates as their election campaigning officially gets underway on April 11. Meetings continue to be held. Then, following the election, TLABC will continue to monitor developments related to the pivotal review of ICBC, the pending process initiated by Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Todd Stone, whose responsibilities include oversight of the penny-strapped people’s insurer. TLABC’s ceaseless habit of vigilance will not tolerate any tinkering of the tort rights of individual citizens, rest assured! But, please do not rest otherwise.
We need your help. We need your money and your moral support.
3 Ways You Can Help:
2. End Distracted Driving - please email to get involved
3. Volunteer your time!

The goal of our pre-election outreach is to make sure all parties understand that we are organized, well-funded, committed, and present in every riding. We’re doing this in three ways: setting up meetings with every candidate in the province, asking members to invest time as volunteers, and encouraging donations from our members to all candidates and parties. 

Please email Tim Logan at if you plan to make a donation to a candidate, or if you can help with the outreach effort.