A View From Home Base
6 July 2017

(Bentley Doyle, Director of Communications bentley@tlabc.org)

With the arrival of summer and the provincial election’s sunset no longer lingering, here is a look at where things stand after a springtime of important activity by TLABC members:

  • For certain, it was a very busy spring. A large and dedicated crew of volunteers led our association’s politically active efforts during the province’s pre-election and election-campaign periods. This was carried out on a non-partisan basis, as our association has always been diverse politically, just as our membership is with respect to practice areas. A clear objective was to increase our presence by way of volunteer efforts from individual members in various ridings, making good use of the locations where TLABC members work and reside. In some cases, members simply volunteered to help on campaigns.  Other instances had members informing candidates (incumbents and new ones alike) of issues of importance to TLABC members and clients. Many members chose to provide candidates with personal donations. All told, TLABC members provided a solid amount of support to numerous candidates from BC’s major parties. Collectively, TLABC members will build upon the relationships that were created and enhanced during this election year. If you already have a good relationship with an MLA, please email Tim Logan at tlogan@tlabc.org and let him know!


  • While the political process was playing out, TLABC volunteers were also helping to spread the safety message promoted by the BC Coalition to End Distracted Driving, an organization that now has the support of more than 30 groups throughout the province. This grassroots coalition was co-founded at the beginning of April by TLABC, Disability Alliance BC and the Campbell River Head Injury Support Society. The latter is run by Shelley Howard, who is both the executive director of her organization and the spokesperson of the coalition.  


  • It is TLABC’s contention that proper attention on the devastating problem of distracted driving is the key to combating the cost-concerns ICBC is faced with at this time, which reportedly have the insurance corporation in a very difficult position. Simultaneously, TLABC’s brass is aware that a representative from the accounting firm EY (formerly known as Ernst & Young) is still conducting a review of ICBC, and that in itself remains a clear cause for concern. As long-standing members of this association remember all too clearly, it was accounting giant KPMG that was contracted by the BC Government in the mid-1990s to undertake a process that led to – and in fact meshed with – an ICBC and Ministry of Finance supported plan to implement no-fault auto insurance. A different time, yes. A different concern, no. Then and now, the Trial Lawyers Association of BC will always seek to ensure that the fundamentally important legal rights of BC’s citizens are not cut down or weakened in any manner.  


  • To be clear, your association’s Board of Governors and our key committees are committed to promoting the need for safe roads as the best means to address what some claim are rising costs for the people’s insurer, ICBC.  TLABC will never stand by and tolerate a dismantling of the tort rights of innocent individuals, i.e. people harmed through no fault of their own. Good drivers should never be forced to pay for the damage caused by bad drivers. The legal rights of individuals must remain sacrosanct.  


Town Hall Meetings

In May, we held multiple town hall meetings across the province, meant to inform and mobilize our members and allies.  Thank you to everyone who participated and provided feedback!  As we move into the next phase of action, we intend to continue to reach out and liaise with all of our members, so stay tuned for events and meetings hapoening in your area.  For more information, or to discuss setting up a meeting, please contact Megan Ejack, Development Director at megan@tlabc.org!