The TLABC is delighted to announce a special arrangement with MasterFile to make their unique litigation support and case analysis software available to our members at the exceptional discount of 30% for a limited time.

What is MasterFile?

MasterFile is an affordable, state-of-the-art litigation support system designed especially for the small/solo litigation/trial practice – at less than 1/4 the price of competing products like Summation/Concordance, CaseMap and Worldox. It combines self-managed e-discovery, advanced case analysis, a native and PDF/image evidence repository, and document management into one, easy to use system. As easy to use as e-mail, how does it work?
1.         A novel Document Repository stores all evidentiary documents, e-mail, transcripts, research, authorities, images, etc. as well as work product. Self-categorizing views automatically keep all evidence sorted by date, author, issue, document type, etc. -- it can't get any simpler: pinpoint any document in a couple of clicks.
2.         A unique Extract Repositorytm manages extracts -- because extracts contain your key evidence and need to be constantly available and visible.
3.         An exclusive Fact and Argument System lets you not only manage facts, but more importantly, actually set out argument faster than working on paper. TimeMap compatibility lets you chart chronologies and its unique CaseMap Importer lets you easily upgrade to MasterFile.
4.         MasterFile's Load 'n Go E-Discovery Platform provides rapid document loading in native format, rapid cull-down slashing review time to what's responsive letting you easily extract key evidence. The bottom line: dramatically more productive use of your time.
What MasterFile users are saying
"We now use MasterFile for every file we open, whether the file is a litigation file or a transaction file. ... MasterFile has exceeded all of our expectations ... MasterFile is intuitive ... easy to learn"
-- Nicholas Davies, Whistler Law Corporation, Whistler
"MasterFile offered case-analysis tools that are similar, but superior, to CaseMap [with] a more comprehensible analysis of the case. ... Views offer a visual snapshot of the facts and the case time line or chronology. One can "see" the case more easily than one could in CaseMap. ... MasterFile places lawyers in small firms and solo practices on a technologically equal footing with large firms that use applications costing several times more than MasterFile."
-- John J. Mueller, Cincinnati, OH
And here's the deal:
Three special packages: MasterFile for single users, MasterFile 5 packs for firms with multiple users, and a special package for those of you who would prefer to use MasterFile Hosted Services. MFHS eliminates the need for smaller firms to set up their own servers without any change in functionality whether offline or online.
You can read more about MasterFile here:
You can read more about MasterFile Hosted Services here:

Your MasterFile special pricing:
Single user license, including Lotus Notes database, required annual support and maintenance, special TLABC pricing just $495, a saving of 30% (normally $698).
5 user license, including Domino/Lotus Notes database, required annual support and maintenance, special TLABC pricing just $1,750, a saving of 30% (normally $2,510).

Your MasterFile Hosted Services special pricing:
MasterFile Hosted Services is priced per user, per month. All software, support and setup is included. You have no need to run your own server. There is a one year contract and billing is quarterly. A minimum of two users is required. Add users at any time.
2 MFHS users, special TLABC pricing just $99.00 monthly, 1 year term, a saving of 25% (normally $130.50 monthly).
5 MFHS users, special TLABC pricing just $245.00 monthly, 1 year term, a saving of 25% (normally $326.25 monthly). This is a very special offer through the contract term at just $1.65/day per user – less than a cup of coffee at Tim Hortons!
Competitive products providing MasterFile’s functionality run four or more times its regular price, so at a 30% discount, this is an offer not to be missed.
Click on the link to place your order today at the special TLABC price
For questions, please call MasterFile at 604.331.0535 or e-mail them at
Prices are valid through November 30, 2010.