TLABC Litigation Groups

TLABC currently has six litigation groups, devoted to the specific needs of different practice areas. In addition to networking with like-minded colleagues, litigation groups offer targeted teleseminars and a dedicated list server.

You must be a member of TLABC to join a Litigation Group - except Criminal Defence, Family Law and New Lawyers - and an additional yearly administrative fee applies. Subscribers must also sign an agreement to keep all information confidential. Each group has its own eligibility requirements, so click on one of the links below, or contact Member Services Coordinator Amanda Huettner at TLABC for more information.

Litigation Group Membership Agreements:

Litigation Group Document Banks:

Each litigation group has its own Document Bank - a repository for decisions, precedents, templates, articles and memoranda related to that litigation group's designated area of practice. Documents are provided by list server subscribers, and each document bank can only be accessed by subscribers to its litigation group.

Please submit contributions via email to TLABC's Member Services coordinator Amanda Huettner, in PDF format where possible, and with a brief description (one or two sentences). Please note that TLABC does not screen or edit submissions.